COVID-19 Infection Control Policies and Procedures

In my practice (regardless of location), I will be following and enforcing the following infection prevention and control measures:

Before an appointment:

  • Health Intake forms will be sent via Email, if not previously filled out (or not updated in the last year) to be filled prior to arriving at your appointment.  This is to prevent any cross contamination that may occur in the files room that may occur with physical paper files.
  • All patients will be sent, via email, a pre-screening questionnaire to be completed 24 hours prior to your appointment.  This is mandatory to determine if it is safe for you to come to the clinic.  Please do not arrive for your appointment without completing this first.
  • On a daily basis, before seeing any patients, I will also be completing a full health screening to minimize any possible risk of infection.
  • At the beginning of the day, between each appointment, and at the end of the day, I will be following cleaning and disinfecting the treatment room, and the shared space (if required), as per the cleaning procedures, listed below.

For each appointment:

  • PPE:  I will be wearing a surgical mask that will be changed between each patient, as well as a face shield that will be disinfected.  I will also be wearing an apron that will be changed between each patient, to reduce any infection risks.
  • The clinic door will be closed and locked up until the time of your appointment, at which point, I will contact you to allow you to enter.  If possible, Please do not arrive early for your appointment and arrive alone, to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any time.
  • Please arrive at your appointment wearing a mask (Cloth or disposable).  If you do not have one, I can provide one for a nominal fee.  Masks with one-way valves will not be allowed, as they can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, refusal to wear a mask while in the clinic will mean that I cannot proceed with the treatment.
  • In case of the need for contact tracing, a log of who has entered the clinic, and when they leave will be kept, including a contact phone number.
  • Once you come into the clinic, a second COVID screening will occur, including taking your temperature using a contact-free infrared thermometer.
  • You will then be guided directly into the treatment room, where the rest of the treatment will occur. 
  • You will be asked to clean/sanitize your hands upon arrival as well.
  • Only the essential material will remain in the clinic room.  Any high-touch objects/surfaces have been removed for your safety (This includes the phone chargers).
  • During this time, we ask you to bring as little as possible into the clinic. No food or drink. Only bring your essentials such as your cell phone and method of payment. Please leave everything else at home.
  • In an effort to minimize exposure and contact, we’re limiting the use of our washrooms.
    • Please arrive at the clinic knowing that you may not be able access our washrooms during your visit. Please don’t have that coffee on your way to your appointment.
  • Blankets will be used once before getting put in the laundry, as such, I will be providing them when requested, only.
  • If written consent is required, it will be recorded via ipad and stylus, which will be disinfected after any use.

After the appointment

  • After the treatment has completed, once you have dressed, all payment and rescheduling will occur in the treatment room
  • At this time, direct insurance billing with contactless payment or e-transfer will be the preferred method of payment, if possible.  Cash will be limited.
  • Once the treatment has completed, and you’ve been escorted to the exit, a thorough cleaning and disinfection will be performed on all surfaces in the room.  There will be a log posted in the room of all cleaning.

Cleaning procedures

In addition to all routine cleaning procedures, the following cleaning and disinfection protocols will be implemented.

  • All surfaces will be cleaned, using the “wipe-twice” method.  The first “wipe” to clean any visible soiling from the surface, the second “wipe” to disinfect, using health canada approved products according to their directions.
  • In addition to the table, and face-cradle, other high touch surfaces will include: Doorknobs, light switches, washrooms (including toilet handles), counters, handrails, side tables, chairs and electronics.
  • All equipment in the treatment room will be cleaned and disinfected between patients
    • Massage table, stool, face-cradle included
  • Items in the treatment room that cannot be cleaned and disinfected between patients have been removed (including phone chargers)
  • Pillows have been replaced with bolsters and vinyl pillows which can be disinfected.
  • Additional time between appointments has been added to allow for a proper disinfection.  I will also be limiting the number of patients I can see in a given day to gradually restart the practice.
  • A cleaning log will also be kept and displayed in the clinic room